Stephen Burgess



Stephen Burgess completed his BA and MMath (Part III) in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. He studied for a PhD in the MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge, from 2008-11 working on methods for Mendelian randomization analysis. He joined the Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit in the Department of Public Health and Primary Care of the University of Cambridge in September 2011. In January 2013, Stephen was awarded a Wellcome Trust Fellowship to continue theoretical and applied work in the field of Mendelian randomization. He organizes the unit's working group on applied Mendelian randomization investigations.

Research interests

Stephen’s main area of research is causal inference and specifically methods for Mendelian randomization. This has so far incorporated work on meta-analysis, evidence synthesis, and missing data. He has a specific involvement in problems of inference with weak instruments. He is always open to requests for collaboration, either on theoretical or applied Mendelian randomization projects.

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